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The Prominent Emergence of Unconventional Professions

As the Indian middle-class segment is growing, people from the lower economic strata of the society are making it into the enormous middle class. But the path that today's generation is taking for being more financially stable and well off is not necessarily the conventional one.

People are choosing professions of their liking and pursuing it because the realization that being good at something earns one more than following the herd has hit this generation. These bold moves of people taking up unconventional training like hairdressing courses, catering courses, photography and other professional training courses are being looked at as opportunities by the corporate world, financial institutions and banks. There are many Student Loan Companies and additional financial support service providers that has cropped up as a response to the changing preferences of the current generations.

Factors that led to this trend:

The numerous factors that led to this trend do not necessarily have anything to do with one's choice. There are economic and political factors along with cultural influences that make an individual take such decisions.

1. Lack of Guidance:

The very common problem that most of the youngsters face is lack of proper guidance. The guidance is either a very assertive and biased one, which pushes the person towards a specific profession due to preconceived notions, like a father, who is an engineer, wanting his son to become one as well. This causes the person to decide on the basis of the lopsided opinion. On the other hand, some people get guidance whatsoever and are free to pursue anything they see fit. Some people also stumble into these unconventional professions.

2. Lack of Resources:

Many times, people want to take up conventional subjects and professions, but due to the low disposable income and inability to afford the courses, these jobs become redundant options. Moreover, student loans at low-interest rates are easily available for such courses.

3. Influence of Bollywood:

With increasing films that portray the protagonists to be self-employed or employed in these professions, the mass has started getting influenced, and these professional courses have witnessed an increase in demand and enrollment. As our culture is one that is heavily influenced by the mass mediums, Bollywood being the most powerful influence, such trend catch on very easily.

Such a trend has a very positive impact on the image of the professions that conventionally prevail in people's minds. The recent years have seen these livelihoods becoming more and more respected and accepted by society at large. The very first step to becoming a developed economy is to maintain that no profession is small or mighty.

Therefore, every field of work must be respected as is the situation in countries like the United States, where even the ladies are respected in the plumber and cleaning services. These trends have also changed the way education is looked at. With an increasing number of courses that provide training in all these institutions are paving the path. You can come across a student loans company that providing their services to help fund these courses via student loans. This is leading to the very conspicuous emergence of these professions as the next big thing in terms of career choices.

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