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How much of the course fee does the Eduvanz Monthly Fee Payment Plan cover?

Eduvanz Monthly Fee Payment Plan will cover up to 100% of the Course fee depending upon the strength of the applicant’s profile and the creditworthiness of the principal borrower.

What if my Institute is not listed?

You can still avail our monthly instalment facility to pay for your fees. Please log on to our platform and fill the form mentioning your educational Institute’s name and we will reach out to you accordingly.

Does the Monthly Fee Payment Plan from Eduvanz require any collateral or security?

Eduvanz may or may not insist on collateral or security in specific cases depending upon the quantum of the Monthly Fee Payment Plan amount, the strength of the applicant’s profile and the creditworthiness of the principal borrower.

What is the maximum tenure for the Monthly Fee Payment Plan availed from Eduvanz?

The maximum tenure that can be availed from Eduvanz is 60 months. However, Eduvanz reserves the right to define the maximum tenure in every case as per creditworthiness of the borrower.

What are the documents required to avail the Monthly Fee Payment Plan from Eduvanz?

Applicants are required to provide their KYC as per regulatory requirements , along with their Address Proof . We may ask for additional documentation like your financial details etc depending on the credit profile of the applicant.

How do we pay the monthly instalments?

The monthly instalments are auto debited from your bank account via ENACH mandate that is setup for you at the time of disbursal of your Monthly Fee Payment Plan . You can also pay us online via Net banking/UPI/Debit cards.

What is co-borrower/guarantor?

The Co-borrower should be an Indian citizen who would agree to co-sign and execute the loan agreement and other documentation, who is able as well as promises to service the monthly instalments to repay the loan.

How long will the application process take?

If the applicant satisfies the criteria for eligibility and completes the online process, the disbursal to institute can be within 24 hours

What is the schedule of repayment?

The Repayment Schedule will commence immediately from the date of disbursal or Commencement of the Course (Whichever is earlier) at the Institute with the candidate paying the first instalment on that date itself.
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