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With EduVantage Club, we present India’s largest curated selection of student-centric deals and discounts. Free Memberships when you enroll via Eduvanz
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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is EduVantage Club offers?

EduVantage Club offers unbeatable discounts for Eduvanz borrowers across 10,000+ brands and 12 categories. These discounts are available all year round on a Pan-India basis.

2.How to avail of the EduVantage Club offers ?

Simply, select the brand name you wish to avail the offer upon and click on ‘Get Deal’.

3.What is the customer support number? Is there any email ID for the same?

You may reach out to the customer support team at +91-8882-870-870. Yes! There is one Email ID dedicated to grievances. You can send us a mail at support@advantageclub.in

4.Where can I redeem the points I have earned?

Redeem the points you have earned across almost all the categories and brands available on your dashboard. All these brands across will appear automatically in a listed format once you select the redeem option.

5.What is the value per point?

In EduVantage Club app/website, every point equals ₹ 1.

6.How do I redeem my points?

Open the EduVantage Club Deals page and select the wallet section. Click on ‘redeem’. Once done, you will see all the categories across which you can redeem points. Pick a deal of your choice. Add the required amount and click on the ‘buy now/ proceed to’ action button to complete the redemption.

7.Can I club vouchers? If yes, how many at a time?

Yes, you can club vouchers. The number of vouchers you can use at a time solely depends on the brands. It differs from brand to brand. Some offer only one voucher at a time whereas some allow clubbing of unlimited vouchers at a time.

8.Can I share my vouchers and coupons with family and friends?

Yes, you can. All the vouchers and coupons that you buy will appear in the voucher section on the microsite. From there you can share the codes of that particular voucher and coupons with your family and friends.

9.What should I do if I’m unable to fetch the coupons?

You will be able to view your coupons in the wallet section. If the problem continues, call the customer support team.

10.How do I check the number of active vouchers on the app?

To check anything related to the vouchers, enter the voucher section on the microsite. Under the voucher section, you will be able to see all your active vouchers.

11.Can I get home services too, using the EduVantage Club app?

Absolutely! Using the EduVantage Club Offers, you can use the home services depending on your requirements. Just visit the ‘Services’ section on the microsite.

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